Reading goodies and the Renaissance

  • My 12 year old and I have been learning about the Renaissance together. We started out looking at what was happening in the world of science. A friend loaned me The Story of Science: Newton at the Center, by Joy Hakim. We liked this enough that I would like to order the study guide that goes along with it to see if we like it as well as we liked the book. We moved from science to art, reading both Michelangelo’s World, by Piero Ventura and Leonardo: Beautiful Dreamer, by Robert Byrd. We have several Piero Ventura books in our library and have loved them all. I also happened to have several (what I call) coffee table books lying around that have Renaissance art as well. They turned out to be good resources for us.
  • My girls and I just finished Julie of the Wolves, by Jean Craighead George. This book really grabbed us. I read myself hoarse more than once.
  • We are revisiting the Inkheart series, by Cornelia Funke. Much as I love to read, there are not too many books I am willing to read more than once. This series is good enough to read repeatedly. So suspenseful!
  • I did not go so far as to take another book vacation, but I did very happily spend some time lost in Mitford through Jan Karon’s Mitford series. Such a sweet, inspirational story!
  • Two recent blog posts that are making the rounds in homeschooling circles that I thought were exceptional: How a homeschooling mindset changes everything and Homeschool This.
  • My mission lately is homemade gluten free bread. I made 7 different recipes last week. I tried recipes with yeast, recipes without yeast, various gluten free flours and flour mixes, and gluten free sourdough. Once, I got to gluten free sourdough, I didn’t feel the need to look any further. It is simple and easy, it rises every time, it’s delicious, it’s light, it has a wonderful flavor and texture, it makes wonderful toast…..the only downside really is that it disappears too quickly.
  • Also, crocheted baskets! I made a small one and a few bigger ones. A good afternoon project and a really cute and useful finished product.

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