Reading goodies

  • Forgiveness continues to pop up in unexpected places. A friend lent me a book about an immigrant family from Norway. This excerpt from a sermon described in the book really grabbed me. To me, it means Let the hurt stop here. Let go of the story and cause no more harm to yourself or others by letting it live through your internal and external rehashing.

“When you forgive you must destroy the evidence and remember only to love.” (First We Have Coffee, Margaret Jensen)

  • For more on forgiveness, check out this and this, both sent to me by my dear friend.
  • Feeling lots of love this month for all the Waldorf inspired books on my shelf. Sharing saint stories with my third child, and by now all the stories feel like old friends to me. Reading fairy tales with my fourth child, and finally feeling like maybe I could actually tell these stories rather than read them. Trying some new stories with my second child for US History and Geography and have especially enjoyed Lois Lenski’s Strawberry Girl.
  • When I first made the trip to Taproot for a Waldorf home-educator’s conference, I never dreamed I would walk away with a circle of friends that I would keep up with for years, nor could I have imagined how much my children and I would benefit from the conversations I have with these women. Jean is a mother further along in the homeschooling journey than I, and my children and I benefit tremendously from her ideas. ReadingĀ her blog posts is the next best thing to being with her and Barbara at Taproot. I look forward to seeing her posts in my inbox. Always interesting and inspiring.